Spa & Club

Holmes Place Spa & Club, at the Corinthia Hotel Lisbon, is a luxurious urban refuge where you can enjoy the experiences of Spa, relaxation, health and well-being. Spread over 3500 square meters, the Spa features (insert nr of treatment rooms) treatment rooms, heated indoor swimming pool, gym and an Acqua area with hydrotherapy pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath, cold plunge, bucket shower, ice fountain, sensory showers and cooling walk.

Relaxation Lounge

The relaxation lounge is a welcoming and calming space. Relax with an aromatic herbal infusion or water before and after treatment.



Acqua Area

The Acqua areas of the Spa is inspired by ancient bath traditions and offer a complete sensory experience of detox, cleansing, revitalization and relaxation. It includes a hydrotherapy pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath, cold plunge, bucket shower, ice fountain, sensory showers, cooling walk and relaxation lounges.

*  We are currently improving our Acqua area to serve you better. Facilities will be available for guests from the 1st of April onwards.


Heated indoor swimming pool and natural solarium. Gym with cutting edge equipment to meet your goals, offering three different solutions to your fitness: cardiovascular, resistance training and functional training. Includes stretching area, private area for personal training clients, and an office for evaluation and training prescription room, so you can enjoy our selection of bespoke fitness programmes and classes to fit your lifestyle and goals.


The word "Spa" originally means "health through water".


Wellness Therapies
Rituals - La Sultana de Saba
Signature Treatments
Holistic Massage
Beauty Moments


Rituals - La Sultana de Saba

Oriental Relaxation Ritual - 120 min
A ritual of the most refined details, a moment of peace and pleasure derived from "Hammam", a temple of beauty and pure relaxation. This natural elixir of youth for the face and body is made from Moroccan products such as black soap for exfoliation, Rassoul and mineral clay mask for wrapping, as well as massage with Shea butter with amber aroma, an exceptional ritual of beauty and well-being.

Sublime Gold Ritual - 150 min
Gold has been used forever by women to underline their beauty and highlight the glow of their skin. La Sultane de Saba created a new ritual inspired by ancient beauty secrets, using as main ingredient gold particles. A nourishing treatment for face and body, accompanied by exfoliation, in a true ritual of luxury and luminosity.

Malaysian Journey Ceremony - 90 min
La Sultane de Saba was inspired by the traditional Malaysian bridal ritual with chaampaka flower to create a relaxing therapy. This warm and inviting ritual consists of the cleansing of the impurities of the skin, followed by a traditional massage using bamboo. The particularity of this massage is that it provides a unique feeling of relaxation by rolling bamboo all over the body in order to relieve stress and relax all the muscles.

The Balinese Voyage - 120 min
In Bali, flowers exert a strong power over the souls and their magic can relax body and spirit. In this way, La Sultane de Saba takes us on a voyage to the heart of the land of Lotus and Frangipani flowers. The face and body exfoliant was conceived for sensitive skins, coconut and rice powder turning your skin sublime; the Shea butter and body milk wrap prepares the skin for the massage, leaving a perfume never imagined by the true ritual of the Balinese bride.

The Islands Voyage - 120 min
In the heart of Polynesian tradition, beauty and well-being inebriate the senses. The exfoliation with Tiare Flower and Aloe Vera aroma, followed by a Satin nectar body wrap, prepares your body for total relaxation with a Polynesian massage, improving blood circulation, absorbing the effects of stress while hydrating the skin.

Oriental Ayurvedic Ritual - 120 min
Between medicine and science, the Ayurveda is above all an art of living, a philosophy of life based on the balance and the well-being of the body through the spirit. Through different stages, filled with Oriental tradition, this Ayurvedic Oriental treatment begins with exfoliation and nutrition, followed by an aromatic stroking massage, reducing mental agitation and balance the chakras as its therapeutic effects.

The Ancestral Japanese Voyage - 120 min
An ancestral Ritual permeated by the Neroli aroma and the precious nectar from Chinese orange blossom petals, spreading its soothing virtues, releasing tension and expelling toxins. An aromatic beauty treatment for the body, finalized with the perfumed powder awakens body and mind. The relaxing qualities of Neroli and the exotic Lotus perfume, makes your skin sublime.

King Solomon Ritual - 120 min
A ritual of the most refined details, a moment of peace and pleasure derived from “Hammam”, a temple of beauty and pure relaxation. It includes oriental body exfoliation using black soap, facial treatment, followed by a nourishing massage with a masculine aroma of Santal Ancestral to relieve tension and stress.


Rituals - La Sultana de Saba

Beauty Treatment for Hands - 60 min
The hands of the oriental woman are the most sensual and sometimes the only exposed part of her body, translating the symbolism of seduction and affinity. This is a complete treatment with manicure consisting of a sugar exfoliation, followed by nutrition and massage with amber or orange-blossom aromatic oils, leaving the skin soft and perfumed.

Beauty Treatment for Feet - 90 min
The feet support and symbolize the contact with earth and all its impurities, thus needing in health and beauty. The treatment begins with an Oriental ritual of purification consisting of a traditional pedicure, enriched with a black soap exfoliation followed by nutrition and massage with amber or orange-blossom aromatic oils, leaving the skin soft and perfumed.

«KARAYAM» Beauty Ceremony for Hands and Feet - 60 min
This traditional treatment, an escape into the magic of Malaysia, promises well-being and total peace. A Ritual of the "Bandukan" villages, it centres on the aromatic bath, followed by exfoliation which softens and revitalizes the texture of the skin, a nourishing wrap towards a relaxing exoticism.


Beauty Moments



Full leg
Half leg
Under arm
Upper lip
Basic Bikini
High Bikini
Full leg + Basic bikini
Full leg + High bikini
Full leg and Brazilian
Eyebrow (shaping)
Eyebrow (remodelling)


Full leg
Chest and Abs



Wellness Therapies

Wellness Therapies

Physiotherapy - 50 min
Through various massage techniques, such as integrating the body by relaxation, balancing of muscular tension or respiratory control, this therapy will contribute effectively to reduce stress and anxiety and associated problems.

Lymphatic drainage - 50/80 min
Manual lymphatic drainage is driven by light and rhythmical movements, directing the lymph towards the lymphatic nodes where the body can more easily free itself of these toxic substances.

Sports Massage - 45 min
Intense localized massage, to relieve fatigue due to excessive physical exercise.

Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage

Thai Massage - 50/80 min
An excellent antidote for stress. Improves flexibility and general well-being through light pressure, stretching and varied yoga positions.

Ayurvedic Massage - 50/80 min
Ayurveda in Sanskrit means ayu = life and veda = knowledge. It is the structure of the principles of life, the science of longevity and living well. It relaxes the muscles and joints, increases immunity and invigorates body and mind.

Shiatsu - 50/80 min
A therapy over 5000 years old, shiatsu means pressure of the fingers (shi = finger and atsu= pressure). A massage of specific points of the body following the Meridians (energetic pathways), allowing energy to flow harmoniously re-establishing health.


Signature Treatments


La Sultane de Saba - Facial Treatment - 75 min
The La Sultane de Saba facial, suitable for all skin types, is deeply hydrating and nourishing. With the exfoliating power of oriental black soap allied to the freshness of the floral elixir from orange blossom and roses, as well as the deep hydrating strength of the honey facial mask, your skin will recover its natural glow. For the balance of beauty and relaxation: an involving massage to the arms and legs with Shea butter nectar.

Ancestral Gold Ceremony - Facial Treatment  - 40 min
La Sultane de Saba used ancestral rituals to create a luxurious anti-age facial, with 24 carat gold alloy particles, a true source of well-being, and caviar extract, rich in vitamins and essential amino-acids, sublimating an amber aroma of cedar and patchouli. An anti-wrinkle treatment that is ideal for a lifeless complexion, recovering its vitality and radiance.

"Journey to Japan" Facial Treatment - 75 min
The "Secret Flower" ceremonial, inspired on a beauty ritual of the geishas, based on rice powder and Neroli extract with purifying and soothing properties, gives your skin a delicate and luminous texture. An inspiration in the art of beauty, this ritual is a hymn to femininity, accompanied by a relaxing massage of the hands and feet.

"Journey Ceremony" Facial Treatment - 90 min
A ritual adapted to the journey of your dreams, making it a personalized treatment, creating luminosity and elasticity for your complexion and neck using ingredients of pure richness and regenarative power such as Shea butter and Indian fig oil. Finalize in relaxation with a hydrating leg massage, revealing beauty and well-being.


Holistic Massage

SOS Muscles - 80 min
A millenary therapy using healing earth as part of an ideal treatment for injuries, achieved through the synergy of arnica and green clay. It will treat problems such as contractures, muscular injuries and inflamed areas following physical exercise.

Executive Massage - 80 min
Specific massage techniques focusing areas of greater tension, using virgin Jojoba oil, with an invigorating effect and increasing flexibility and relieving accumulated tension.

Relax, Face & Body

Signature Treatments

Aromatherapy Massage Holmes Place Spa - 50 min
Accept the invitation to relax through a Welcoming Ritual and travel through a sensation of well-being with the synergy of warm oils and slow deep movements, providing a generalized relaxation and leaving your skin silky and perfumed.

Stone Spirits - 80 min
A therapeutic massage with mineral rich volcanic stones. The heat these stones release has a therapeutic effect in relieving pain and tensions and towards physical balance. 

Detox Cocoon - 80 min
A purifying and anti-stress treatment with Ginger salts that provides a sensation of peace and relaxation throughout the whole body, as well as the mind.

Oriental Vichy - 80 min
The combination of an oriental black soap exfoliation, followed by an aromatic massage with jets of water, relieves tensions and stress and re-establishes physical and mental balance.

Smooth Skin 45 min
A body exfoliation with Shea butter and volcanic particles that softens and nourishes your skin.




Bring joy to your life. The Holmes Place Spa & Club at Corinthia Hotel Lisbon excels at offering a fully integrated approach to wellbeing, bringing together a team of experts to offer an unrivalled choice of spa, fitness and beauty treatments.





Our team is completely available for you.

Mafalda Sá

Group Spa Manager

Tânia Galvão

Club & Spa Manager

Sofia Sousa

Operations, Chief Operating Officer

For further information, please contact us.

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We have several access options at Holmes Place Spa & Club, tailored to meet Hotel Guests' and our members' needs.


  • Access to all Portugal HP clubs and to all club activities: gym and group classes, pool, sauna, jacuzzi, turkish bath, contrast baths, water circuit*. 2 Towels.
  • Access to nutrition program.
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  • Access only to the SPA & CLub
  • Full acess to all activities, access to group classes, swimming pool, gym.
  • Access to nutrition program.
  • 2 Towels.
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  • Full access to the spa area, consisting of: sauna, Turkish bath, contrast baths, jacuzzi and pool.
  • Access to nutrition program.
  • Includes 2 towels
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*Includes: Quarterly offer of 1 personal training session, 1 massage and 1 Nutrition session.




Talk to us. Your message is important. Fill in your personal info and enjoy a 30 min facial hydration*.