Holmes Place Cascais Platinum offers a space for wellness and refinement, where each experience is unique and unforgettable. Near the sea in the beautiful town of Cascais, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy high quality services and the best equipement, which provides a perfect harmony between body and mind.


Ancient therapy consisting in a room with a warm environment that provides relaxation. A great way to detox.


Hydromassage, a therapeutic form of water use. The dynamic and thermal action of water helps relaxing the body.

Vichy shower

A therapy that relieves tension and stress by promoting mental and physical balance.


The Hammam is a wet sauna, also known as a 'turkish bath'.

Heated Indoor Swimming Pool

To use the indoor pool of the Health Club, you must use a bathing suit and cap.

Spa Suites

Room with total privacy, for all kind of body treatments up to 2 persons.


Find the balance between body and mind through relaxation.


Signature Treatments
Rituals of he World
Face & Body Treatments
Hi-tech Treatments
Holistic Massage
Wellness Therapies
Beauty Moment
Programs Spa


Face & Body Treatments

Experiences and benefits are the main ingredients for a truly relaxing journey.

Bath rituals - 30 min
Scrub with purified and crystalline salt, containing essential oil of Verbena from India, for nourished and purified skin.

Marine Essence - 80 min
Detox treatment using plant and algae extracts, that improves circulation, eliminates toxins, reduces stress and revitalizes skin.

Slimness - 80 min
Firming treatment that improves circulation and provides essential minerals to the skin for better vitality.

Pureness - 50 min
Treatment using red algae and other natural ingredients that produce a slimming effect and body reshaping. Detoxifies and stimulates metabolism.

Mind & Body Therapy - 80 min
Allows your mind, body and senses to transport you to a holistic and relaxing treatment. Scrub followed by a mask of marine extracts and essential oils.

Mamma mia - 50 min
Soothing pre and post natal treatment that improves circulation, relieves tired muscles, improves skin elasticity and reduces fluid retention.


Face & Body Treatments

Take a break from you routine and indulge in the care of science. The range of medical skin cosmetics GERNETIC is recognized worldwide and provides the best care for your skin. Enjoy moments of pure pleasure and let the science do the rest.

In all facials treatments you’ll find the fusion of therapeutic touch and carefully selected products for your skin, ensuring innovative results and a true moment of relaxation.

Only You - 50 min
Custom treatment that keeps your skin naturally hydrated and helps bring balance to the skin tissue.

Hydra Ger - 50 min
Hydrating treatment that accelerates cellular renewal of the epidermis, making skin fresh and luminous.

Lux - 70 min
Anti-aging treatment that helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Optimizes cellular regeneration and creates firmer and rejuvenated contours of face.

Rejuvenating - 50 min
Luxury facial treatment for mature skin. Based on biological products, this leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated and gives it a new texture.

Pure Gold - Mineral or Marine with Algae 80 min
Treatment of excellence to combat the signs of aging and skin flaccidity, with a strong marine firming agent.

Bio Face - 50 min
An oily skin requires a balancing and healing treatment. A balm based on myrrh, burdock and thyme is applied on the face.

Clean Line - 50 min
Treatment for sensitive skins based on extracts of hollyhock, chamomile and vitamins PP and E, giving resistance to the skin and uniformizing your tone.

Marine Essence - 50 min
Treatment that helps detoxify and release all the impurities, giving luminosity and harmony to the skin.

Skin Clair - 50 min
Restores luminosity to depigmented skin. The skin is cleansed and stimulated with innovative techniques, that help balance the face, for a treated and healthy complexion.

La sultane de Saba

Rituals of he World

Journey around the world of scents with La Sultane Saba. Inspired by the beauty rituals of the mystical orient.

Morocco Vichy Shower - 50 min
Combines a body scrub with Moroccan black soap and a massage with essential Amber oil, along with Vichy Shower jets.

Vichy Shower Japan - 40 min
Massage with Lotus and Neroli oil, and Shea Butter, that provides deep relaxation and total body nutrition..

Sport Massage Spa - 50/80 min
A specific treatment to help restore tired muscles, reduce stress and improve posture.

Ritual of Islands - 120 min
Combines a facial treatment with a nourishing body treatment, finishing with a relaxing massage..

King Solomon - 90 min
Massage with Shea Butter for Men, including facial treatment that provides skin nutrition..

A trip to Japan - 50 min
Inspired by digital pressure massage, this is a japanese massage technnique that relieves stress helps soothe aching muscles..

Relax, Face & Body

Signature Treatments

Aromatherapy Holmes Place Spa - 50 min
Unique scented massage using essential oils Green Tea & Ginger, rich in antioxidants that provides a relaxing and soothing effect.

Hot Stones Holmes Place Spa - 50 / 80 min
Therapeutic massage with mineral-rich volcanic stones. The heat from the stones provides an analgesic effect for pain and stress relief, and physical balance.

Sport Massage Spa - 50/80 min
A specific treatment that helps tired muscles recover faster and reduces stress and improves posture.

Smooth Skin - 30 min
Body scrub with Green Tea & Ginger essential oils that helps to reduce fluid retention.

Spa Detox - 60 min
Treatment that combines skin exfoliation with sea salt and heat.

Nourishing Hands and Feet 45 min
Massage using Green Tea & Ginger oil, and Shea Butter nourishment.

Specially for him

Signature Treatments

Man Facial Care Gernétic - 50 min
Facial treatment that provides skin vitality and tonicity.

SOS Muscles and Joints - 50 min
The ideal therapy for injuries (contractures, muscle injuries, inflamed areas and edema) achieved using a perfect blend of arnica and green clay.

Sport Massage Spa - 50/80 min
Relieve muscular tension, with a facial treatment to reduce the signs of fatigue.
50 min - Body Massage in the areas of greatest tension
80 min - Body Scrub and Body Massage in the areas of greatest tension.

Foot Spa for Men - 80 min
A pedicure treatment for the feet that helps keep them soft and hydrated.

Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage

Mind & Body Massage - 50/80 min
Body massage that combines several massage techniques, Thai, Ayurvedic, Reflexology and Reiki.

Thai Massage - 50/80 min
A great anti-stress antidote. Promotes flexibility and general wellness, through gentle pressure, stretching and different yoga positions.

Reflexology - 30 min
Chinese massage technique that involves the application of pressure on certain reflex points of the feet, that can cure and/or prevent diseases.

Ayurvedic - 50/80 min
Oriental technique focused on relaxing muscles and joints, helping digestion, increasing immunity and improving the quality of sleep.

Indian Head Massage - 30 min
Massage performed in the shoulders, neck and scalp, combats mental fatigue and relieves headaches caused by tension.

Shiatsu - 50 min
Therapeutic massage focuses on specific points of the body following the path of the meridians. The increased energy flow to the areas of focus can help in restoring health.

Reiki - 25/50 min
Therapeutic method that channels and transmits Vital energy through the hands, balancing and harmonizing the physical, mental and spiritual level.


Beauty Moment



Full leg
Half leg
Under arm
Upper lip
Basic Bikini
High Bikini
Full leg + Basic bikini
Full leg + High bikini
Full leg and Brazilian
Eyebrow (shaping)
Eyebrow (remodelling)


Full leg
Chest and Abs



Holmes Place Retreats

Wellness Therapies

Dynamic Balance - weight loss
Integrates core wellness principles; includes nutritional advice, physical fitness activity and seminars and workshops on finding the balance in optimal weight management. Develops skills to enhance your quality of life at all levels: physical, personal and professional. Daily inclusions, 3 or 7 nights.

Optimum Fitness Intensive
Enhance your training to achieve heightened levels of fitness with an intensive residential program. Integrated optimal nutrition advice and educational seminars that promote effective “tools” – to help you as fit as you can be. Personalized and open to all fitness levels. Daily inclusions, 3 or 7 nights

An opportunity to stimulate the body’s natural healing pathways and create a healthy balance between mind and body; combing exercise, nutrition and detoxification therapies. This program offers renewal during the stay and guidance will be provided to help continue leading a healthy life at home. Daily programs are available as well as 3 or 7 night stays.

Unwind, disconnect, relax and help eliminate life’s tensions. Emerge from your stay revitalized and reconnected with yourself, your ambitions and your life’s purpose; bringing an understanding of how you can best lead a stress-free life. Daily programs are available as well as 3 or 7 night stays.

A combination of premium beauty treatments using the best and most effective products and treatments for the body and face. During your stay you’ll be served the healthiest spa cuisine to recover, renew and regenerate inside and out. Daily programs are available as well as 3 or 7 night stays.cing and harmonizing the physical, mental and spiritual level.

Moments & Therapies

Wellness Therapies


Physiotherapy - 50 min
Through the application of several massage techniques, the body is able to relax and balance any muscle tension and can effectively help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Osteopathy 50 min
Set of manual therapies that corrects misalignment of the bone structure.

Lymphatic Drainage - 30/60 minTreatment that helps rid the body of toxins by stimulating the area around the lymph nodes.


Relaxation Massage - 45 min
Movements of sliding and compression to provide a sense of overall wellness by reducing muscle tension and combating stress and anxiety.

Relax Massage Express - 25 min
Spine, shoulders and and neck massage that helps in reducing accumulated tension in these areas.

Anti cellulite Massage - 30 min
Fights cellulite, promotes the elimination of localized fat, contributes to a reduction in fat cell volume and an increase in muscle tone.

Sports Massage - 30/45 min
Massage that helps relieve muscle strain and inflammation due to sports and fitness activity.

Recovery Massage - 30 min
Application of specific techniques designed to increase muscular flexibility and toning.

Therapeutic massage - 50 min
Different therapeutic movements using the strength and skill of the therapist.

Draining Massage - 30/45 min
Massage to help create better circulation.


Programs Spa

Health and wellness program during your stay.
If you’re an experienced athlete or a beginner, this program will help you maintain your health and improve your overall performance.

Packed with several options for mind and body: Pilates, Pilates Reformer, Yoga, Tai-chi and Mind & Body Massage sessions. These activities help to balance your holiday or business trip by promoting an overall feeling of wellness and relaxation.

DAY 1 - Pilates
DAY 2 - Pilates Reformer
DAY 3 - Optimal Yoga + Mind & Body Massage 30 min
DAY 4 - Pilates Reformer
DAY 5 - Optimal Yoga
DAY 6 - Pilates Reformer
DAY 7 - Tai-chi + Mind & Body Massage 30 min

Wellness Program - 1h 50 min
A combination of relaxation sessions that includes:
Facial hydration 30 min
Hot stone massage 50 min
Hands and feet nourishment 45 min

Executive Program - 1h 50 min
Take a break from the stress of a busy day:
Reception ritual (start by enjoying deep relaxation movements using warm and moist towels))
Body scrub 30 min
Anti-stress massage 45 min
Facial hydration 30 min

Grooms and Brides Spa Programs - 2h 30 min
Relaxation for the bride and groom.
For the Bride:
Exfoliation and Moisturizing Body: relaxation and body hydration
Facials: personalized face treatment
Lymphatic Drainage: elimination of toxins in preparation for your wedding day. 
For the Groom:
Exfoliation and Moisturizing Body: relaxation and body hydration
Facials: personalized face treatment
Anti-stress Massage

Radiofrequency, Cavitation & iLipo

Hi-tech Treatments


Radiofrequency – 50 min
One of the most effective in combating sagging facial skin. The radiofrequency treatment produces new collagen, that rejuvenates the skin.


Cavitation - 60 min
Effective treatment for the reduction of cellulite and to help combat the accumulation of localized and superficial fat.

Radiofrequency - 50 mins
Radiofrequency treatment can rejuvenate skin through the action of heat, reducing the signs of aging on the face and body.

i-Lipo - 30 mins
Revolutionary treatment that uses low-intensity lasers for cellulite reduction, fat reduction and body reshaping treatments.

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Bring joy to your life. At Holmes Place Spa Club in Cascais you will find 7 spa suites and over 50 Spa treatments dedicated to your well-being, with a privileged view to the Cascais bay.





Our team of specialists are completely available for you.

Pedro Almeida

Club Manager

Sara Torres

Spa Manager

Mafalda Sá

Group Spa Manager

For further information, please contact us.

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Andreia Patrícia Silva
Holmes Place Member

“Excelent service with good energy, good humor, a quality that comforts the body and the mind. A special Thank you to the therapist Patrícia Vaz.”

Paula Maria Trovão Trindade
Holmes Place Member

“When I finished my treatments, I feel very relaxed and with more energy to face my daily life. The Spa staff is very friendly and helpful in clarifying my doubts. These treatments are a big help to reach my goals.”

Jorge Daniel V. Carvalho
Holmes Place Member

“In each treatment I feel more relaxed it helps me achieve my goals faster and gets me prepared for training.”


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